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Plumbing problems can cause even the bravest homeowner to start tearing their hair out. Escape the stress and headache of plumbing clogs with help from DrainMasters. Whether you need all new plumbing installed, or just need your plumbing to start working again we have the skills and equipment to get the job done fast.


Is your water heater no longer keeping up with demand? DrainMasters can help by installing a new tank heater, or a tankless heater so that you never run out of hot water.


The next time a pipe bursts or a sink stops draining don't panic, call DrainMasters  and we'll keep you flowing.

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Do you have a beautiful patio or extensive landscaping that you don't want to ruin? Have other plumbers told you that they may have to dig up your yard?


DrainMasters is here to help. Enjoy expert plumbing that doesn't destroy your yard and home.


We use trenchless plumbing or "pipe bursting" as well as

Hydrojet technology and mechanical sewer snakes to clear and repair pipes without resorting to digging trenches.


Trust DrainMasters to save you time, money and hassle.

We're the only company in Middle Tennessee to employ Trenchless plumbing techniques and technology. Get the most convenient plumbing in the state when you call today.

Your plumbing is unique, and so are your needs. Even modern homes have plumbing that can vary wildly from one to another.


At DrainMasters we understand that your needs aren't the same as your neighbors and every one of our plumbers is equipped to handle any job - no matter how complicated or messy.

Whether you need to install all new plumbing, link up to a sewer line, or just service existing pipes we can help.


Get plumbers equipped to handle even the biggest industrial installations when you call DrainMasters today.

The next time you need plumbing assistance don't settle for plumbers that will tear up your yard or basement. Call DrainMasters and say goodbye to plumbing concerns.